In 1999 two Crook brothers...

decided to begin their own commercial glazing business. Their dream was to create a company that would allow them to provide for their families, as well as support the families of those closest to them. And so, Pacific Window Systems (PWS) was born. 
Over the years, PWS grew from a few guys building frames in a backyard, to a growing shop with an in-house window fabrication system. Along the way, two more brothers joined the mix, plus a whole lot of nephews, and many employees that have turned into family.
As Pacific Window Systems continued to flourish, Brent and Bill decided that the best way to honor all the employees that helped build the company was to transform into an Employee Owned Company. They did this in the form of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), where the company would be passed down to not just one individual, but rather all of the employees who continue to make Pacific Window Systems what it is day in and day out.

Pacific Window Systems is currently a 100% Employee Owned Business.